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RSS: Random Street Stories (Episode 005) by AbstrktVolcano (aka William Head) featuring OJ Patterson, Sam Tallent and Matt Louv

RSS: Random Street Stories is a collaborative documentary film series by William Head, which combines the story-telling talents and personalities of the San Francisco comedy scene with featured musicians and djs from around the world. 
Filmed & edited by William Head for AbstrktVolcanoFilm.
More info at abstrktvolcano.com

Episode 005
Haight St / Valencia St / Clement St
Comedian OJ Patterson witnesses an unwanted liaison. Comedian Sam Tallent recounts a romantic tale that spans the test of time. Comedian Matthew Louv does something sort of weird.

Music by C.L.O., B-HAD
Selected Tracks (in order): Three (Bump Ass Beat) / Soulful Hip Hop Instrumental / At Night


[My one-person show would just be about people have sex near me.]